Tessa Spierings


The book of time (2019)

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Who invented time, how is it defined and how do we experience it? The book of time tries to explain what time is through scientific and journalist articles, images, tables, and (info)graphics by letting the reader experience time and space from different points of view. The book starts with the chapter ‘History of time’ in which the reader experiences the big bang, the universe, and various theories by traveling through space. ‘Division of time’ is the second chapter in which time is explained on a human scale by presenting time according to different measurements like visualizations, timetables, calendars, and standardizations. The last chapter ‘Human perception’ addresses time from a social point of view by demonstrating how the perception of time can be different in a certain age, culture, tribe, or experiment.

In collaboration with Joana Fernandes, Minna Miná and Teresa Marques.
Academic project | Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD)